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Chyoo 3.0 Coming Soon

May 14, 2006

Just so all you Chyoo-sters know, we are working on the code for Chyoo version 3.0 and we are hoping for a launch in the next few months. All existing stories should make it over to the new code, so keep on writing!

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N E W  S T O R I E S

1. THE NEW CHYOO (with link)! by Kaitou1412
A new CHYOO has been completed off-site! Please join us!
(Non-Erotic, Apr 17)

2. The Haircut Game by HollaCake
You may think haircuts are a choice, but soon you'll be singing another tune.
(Fetish, Apr 13)

3. My Sweet 18 by PotatoPhil
I'm left with my friend in a dying world... not really though
(Exhibitionist & Voyeur, Apr 13)

4. These are the androids you are looking for... by sextype
This time R2D2 and 3CPO are attractive synthetic humans.
(Fan Fiction, Apr 13)

5. Boat Cruise by ddf_21s
The rich boy takes escort girls to join him on his boat. They are shemales :)
(Fetish, Apr 13)


F R E S H  S T O R I E S

1. Sabine die Schulschlampe by alteSu
Durch ihren
(Non-English, Apr 19 08:06 AM)

2. Dark Angel by supman
Max is forced into various sexual situations as she tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic future.
(Fan Fiction, Apr 19 07:56 AM)

3. To establish domain of his own by majus
In future dominated by women, a guy tries to establish his own domain.
(Mind Control, Apr 18 11:14 PM)

4. Baby Girl by slapknackers
One father's dangerous lusting for 18 year old daughter.
(Incest, Apr 18 09:40 PM)

5. My Wife's Sisters by Juiblex
Husband gets it on with his wife's family
(Erotic Couplings, Apr 18 09:03 PM)


T O P  S T O R I E S

1. Bathroom Lesbian Domination by bbwlezzy
A girl can't resist her lesbian thoughts anymore
(Lesbian, 4.8)

2. Polizistin ist eine Zeugin gegen Zuhälter by devotepolizistin
Sie wird gejagt
(Non-English, 4.8)

3. Blackblades Rise by WriterReader
All orcs know is war, and only the greatest will lead them.
(SciFi/Fantasy, 4.7)

4. A Day With Ellie Goulding by Josh1994
Spend the day with British popstar Ellie Goulding
(Fan Fiction, 4.5)

5. Türkisches und Deutsches Ehepaar in Zweifamilienh by devotesabrina
Aisha und Sandra kämpfen barbusig
(Non-English, 4.5)